Letter to State Representative Jim Davnie from Clifton W Gray

State Representative Jim Davnie

545 State Office Bldg

100 M.L. King  Blvd.

St Paul, MN 55155

Mr. Davnie:

My efforts during the election to raise support for the DFL were somewhat hindered by resentment that is fairly widely held in our district against the amount of energy that Governor Dayton devoted to the Vikings and their stadium.  Although I have not attended an athletic event for twenty years and have no expectation of doing so, I defended the governor’s action because its motive appeared to be the welfare  of the community and the state.  Right or wrong, he thought that the cost would pay off in maintaining our attractiveness and prestige.

I would now like some reciprocity.  The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra is internationally admired. If it gets strangled by the arrogant management that is indifferent to the cultural level of our community,  it will cast more shame upon us than if we lost the Vikings.

I urge you to do what you can to spark the governor into action.

Respectfully yours,

Clifton W Gray