Letter from Irma Wyman, Pioneer Press Opinion Page, 11/8

A lose-lose offer

It has begun to be obvious that the management of the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra has dedicated itself to a new business model, one that has no room for the current SPCO chamber orchestra.   However, the management is apparently reluctant or unable to be open about their plan and have, therefore, embarked upon a strategy to bring about the dissolution of the orchestra by its musicians. They have presented the musicians with a lose-lose offer.  If the musicians accept it, the orchestra will be degraded and will crumble.  If the musicians refuse the offer, the orchestra will die.  Either way, the management can then say, “We didn’t destroy the chamber orchestra-the musicians did!”

I grieve the death of this marvelous ensemble.  And I am appalled at the tactics of management that are being used to bring about its death.

Irma Wyman, St. Paul