Letter to the Musicians from Robert D. and Annette M. Langford

To all of the SPCO Musicians:

We miss your wonderful music.  As Winter comes to Minnesota, our lives are reduced by the canceled concerts.  We want you to know that our thoughts of all of you are constant and sad.  Such a great part of the community that is rapidly being destroyed by an arrogant management bent to silence the voice of the musician, both in concert and in standing up for an appropriate compensation and conditions.

We asked for return of our last donation to Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra.  We have received it and would like to turn it over to your group.  We will go on the website to do that.  We also demanded return of our our unused subscriptions, and were promised the return of that money, but have not yet received it.  We would be delighted to buy tickets to concerts that the SPCO Musicians would sponsor, and will look for that opportunity.

We encourage all subscribers to do what we have done.  Our subscription for concerts was that, not an agreement to fund the management effort to break the will of the SPCO Musicians.  We feel right in demanding that management return payment made for concerts where the purchased music was cut off by their unwarranted lock out.

We also believe that the promise of continuing musical expression by the SPCO that was the basis for our contribution was thwarted by management locking out the musicians, and by returning our gift, the management must acknowledge our belief.  We hope that the Board takes responsibiity to reinstate the season, change negotiators to reflect the agenda of music presentation, not music elimination.  Failure to do so will surely be an abbrogation of their duties as Board members.

Robert D. and Annette M. Langford