Letter to Pioneer Press, 11/6 – St. Paul will be poorer

When I was deciding whether to move to St. Paul or move elsewhere, one of the deciding factors was the SPCO.  I had listened to it for years on public radio, and the thought of actually hearing the players was exciting.

Now, Dobson West has decided to lock the musicians out rather than negotiate.  They are paid so little-compare their salaries with those of the Vikings.

Gov. Dayton was very intent that the Vikings must stay in Minnesota.  Where is he now?  Or does he not consider listening to superb musicians as important as screaming at a football game?

Any musician with any sense will go elsewhere, and St. Paul will be poorer for the damage Mr. West has inflicted on the amazing group of musicians and on those of us who love classical music.

Stephanie Digby, St. Paul