Letter to Mayor Chris Coleman from Walter Handschin, 10/25

The Honorable Mayor Chris Coleman
City Hall
St. Paul

October 25,2012

Dear Mr. Coleman,

Please use your good office to facilitate a quick and just resolution of the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra labor dispute.

For many years I have been a SPCO patron and donor.  For over a half century this Orchestra has had a wonderful national and international reputation.  It surely draws highly skilled people and employers to live in St. Paul and others to visit.  It would be hard to over-state the importance of this Orchestra. to the well-being of this city.

I am a retired St. Paul Public Schools teacher and a long time union member.  I continue to be an alternate retiree delegate to the St. Paul Trades and Labor Assembly.  The heavy-handed lock out has already sullied the reputation of the Orchestra.  It is crucial that the solution to this dispute be a model of fairness and respect.  Otherwise many patrons, donors and musicians might be forced to look elsewhere for their cultural enlightenment.

Mr. Coleman, Please help us get to a good solution.

Walt Handschin
Minneapolis, MN