Negotiations Update, 11/8

Dear Board, Staff and Musicians,

At today’s meeting, the Musicians proposed a new approach to the negotiations in an effort to preserve our ensemble’s artistic excellence and improve its financial stability so that we can resume playing music for our community as soon as possible. Regrettably, the Society refused to even consider any reduction in overall musician compensation less than 33% and any reduction in the size of the Orchestra that is not permanent and binding.  The Society’s unwillingness to negotiate any of these terms has led to a complete breakdown in talks.  Unfortunately, no new meetings are scheduled.  We continue to hold out hope that there are voices within the Society that feel that there are other solutions to this crisis other than locking out the Musicians and forcing us to accept these draconian proposals, and that these avenues can be explored in meaningful talks at the table.


Musicians’ Negotiating Committee
Fred Bretschger, Lynn Erickson, Kyu-Young Kim, Leslie Shank, Carole Mason Smith, Paul Straka